Before you purchase or order Glass partition walls, there are some things that you have to look out for before you finalize your purchase.

1. Ratings on fire safety and regulations

A person may assume that glass is more resistant to fire than wood, but that is not the case. For this reason, when you order, ensure that you pick a highly rated product that passes the regulations on possible things that might be in the way of your business and has a high rating in terms of fire safety.

There are a variety of grades of glass, each with varying levels of effectiveness in terms of resistance to fire. Standard glass can withstand up to 250°F, but some other glasses can withstand temperatures up to 1600°F.

2. The kind of glass partition for an office that suits your business

The most obvious quality is transparent. The transparent glass used in a workplace that provides free interactions between colleagues and not letting them feel isolated or trapped makes their work seem less like work. Your staffs’ morale therefore grows. Note that it is not applicable to everyone. For businesses that work with information that is confidential and needs discretion and privacy, glass is not a good option. Interior Sliding Glass Door

3. If your employees will accept it

As much as glass improves your staff’s mood and builds a better team environment, it may not be used everywhere. Some of your employees may not be so welcome to change. The morale of your staff that is not used to change may be negatively affected when they come to work and find new changes. They may not be comfortable with glass for the following reasons. First of all, glass is transparent, and they can be easily observed by other members of staff. It destroys their privacy, and they won’t like it. The second thing is that they may be easily distracted since they can see everything taking place around them. You should, therefore, get their opinion before making any changes.

4. If they are soundproof just enough

Changing to glass walls may prove to be soundproof beyond expected standards or below expected standards no matter the type of industry you run. If your industry is noisy, then moving glass will increase the loudness even further, which will be of no benefit to you. If your industry carries a lot of meetings and telephone calls, then your employees will have difficulty concentrating on their conversations if there is a lot of background noise from other conversations or phone calls around them. Cubicles are, therefore, inappropriate for these kinds of situations.

5. The heating effect of glass

If there are a lot of windows facing the sun in your office, then you have to consider the greenhouse effect caused by glass. When the sun shines directly into your glass wall Aluminum partition, temperatures may rise to levels that are uncomfortable for your staff, and their productivity will be affected. It may be dangerous to them.

Custom Steel Glass Partitions are a great product, but they are not for everyone. You must consider the above things before purchasing them, even if they are very attractive to your clients