Crystalia Glass Company is one of the most reputable glass solutions on the market. Their attention to architectural detail and current interior design trends has allowed Crystalia Glass to excel. Their framed, as well as frameless partitions, are used across many different homes and businesses today. Click here Their upscale and elegant pieces can be seen everywhere from Manhattan condos to suburban homes. Their main goal is to provide excellent, outstanding quality to all of their customers.

Finding the right sliding glass door can be difficult, however with Crystalia Glass, the options are endless. Finding the perfect glass for your partition, glass railing, retractable sunroof or sliding glass door is not only easy but convenient. Crystalia Glass is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. Their goal is to provide the most reliable, sustainable, beautiful pieces for customers. Their services can be used in both cities and suburbs.


Creating balanced interiors with glass partition walls is one of the best ways to add elegance and character to your space. Whether you live in a studio apartment or large home, glass partitions are the best way to create beautiful spaces. Glass adds a level of sophistication and elegance unmatched by any other material. Crystalia Glass creates custom glass partitions. The glass and steel partitions are created custom for each customer. Crystalia Glass features the thinnest steel on the market for custom partitions. Custom finishes can be added for customer preference. The design of each partition is fully customizable as well as the hardware used. Both the hardware and the structure can be customized to accentuate a customer’s home.

In addition to steel, Crystalia Glass also offers aluminum glass partitions as well as frameless glass partitions. Homes and offices can benefit from their services. For example, with their aluminum glass partitions, a dry glazing system is used for both tempered or laminate glass. Customers can select from both black finishes, white finishes and anodized finishes. Doors can be framed or frameless depending upon customer preferences.

Framless glass partitions are chic and upscale. They come in two standard heights. The glass can also be laminated and monolithic. Another option of the frameless glass partition is also customizable hardware and hardware finishes.

Glass Walls, Sun Roofs, Glass Railings & Glass Doors

Some of the other features offered from Crystalia Glass include glass walls, sun roofs, glass railings and glass doors. Glass walls are a great way to separate two areas from each other while still providing light and transparency. This is very important when making a space feel larger than it actually is. Glass doors merge indoor with outdoor and provide an aesthetically pleasing look. Sun roofs provide enjoyable relaxation regardless of the weather. Glass railings are a great option for homes with stairs. Customers can create a sleek and finished look with glass railings. Glass doors also provide a light and open space while creating separation from two areas in a home or business.

Crystalia Glass offers free estimates for their services. This is one of the most practical methods for determining if the service is right for you. How Much Do Glass Partitions –°ost